Looking for an unforgettable way to stay warm this fall and winter? Heading to one of Washington’s amazing hot springs is a great choice. Scenic Hot Springs is aptly named and perched high among the hills of the Skykomish wilderness making it a truly stunning visit.

In order to access the hot spring, guests embark on a 2-mile uphill hike through rugged terrain. The hike requires appropriate clothing, survival supplies, and necessary equipment like snowshoes or crampons in the winter.

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scenic hot springs
Photo via Scenic Hot Springs

Now here’s the deal, the hot springs exist in a minimally developed facility with 3 small soaking tubs.

The tubs and trail are on private property and you must request access and reserve a spot online before heading out. Visiting costs $10 per person and if you choose, you can book out the hot springs for the whole day for $150.

As these are natural hot springs that are in the process of being revitalized it is of the utmost importance that you respect the property owners rules.

This means leaving no trace, being off the property before sunset and not bringing any pets.

Scenic Hot Springs

Where: Skykomish, Washington
Cost: $10-$150