He sees you when you’re sleeping and he knows when you’re awake… so now the question is, did you hold doors and bite your tongue when it mattered most?

Santa has made his list, checked it twice, and even published his naughty or nice index for the world to see – but with only a couple weeks until the big day, you better hope you made the cut!

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With 31,474 names, Canadians can now see if they are in the big guy’s good books and are even able to request a review if they think the North Pole got it wrong, but don’t hesitate!

“To get on the nice list fast, you need to act fast. The time frames for good behaviour adjudication are short and unforgiving,” wrote the Department of Christmas Affairs.

“It is extremely important that you notify the Department of Christmas Affairs as soon as you can if you believe your results are incorrect. If possible, get in touch before Christmas Day so that we can make sure your records are updated before Santa’s visit.”

Of course, this is all just for fun – but it will make for an interesting conversation over the dinner table, so check out the full list (approved by Santa) above.

On this website, you can even submit a gift request or a complaint if you received an unwanted gift in the years prior – but proceed with caution!

You certainly don’t want coal in your stocking!

Good luck and happy holidays!