Ready for the ultimate summer adventure? Nestled in the Mattawa Valley, Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park is a true nature lover’s paradise in Ontario.

This park, located on the historic Mattawa River fur trade route, has hiking trails that wind through lush forests and offer panoramic views of the Mattawa River.

Water lovers will find a perfect playground in Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park as it offers excellent opportunities for exploration by canoe.

As you dip your paddle into the waters of the Mattawa River, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time to a different, and simpler, era.

And let’s not forget the Mattawa River Provincial Park and Canoe Route, which passes through the heart of Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park.

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Parasseux Falls
Image of Parasseux Falls via Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park/Facebook

This stretch of river not only offers challenging rapids but also treats adventurers to the stunning Parreseux Falls.

Because this secret waterfall is only accessible by canoe, it’s a reward that you have to work for, but it’s absolutely worth it!

According to the park, Parasseux Falls is located along the Mattawa River in Mattawa River Provincial Park. You can access them by paddling west up the river from Campion Rapids within Samuel de Champlain.

Moore Lake and the upriver section of the Amable du Fond River are where you’ll spot wild animals in their natural habitat.

The motor-free Long Lake lets you paddle alongside towering cliffs and nothing but the sounds of nature all around you.

When you’re ready to do some hiking, you will have tons of incredible options.

The Kag Trail, with its steep climbs, takes you through towering Red Pine forests and past the picturesque Gem Lake.

The Wabashkiki Trail offers a more leisurely stroll through a marsh teeming with wildlife.

For those interested in forestry, the Forestry Research Trail winds through active research plots.

And when you’re ready to cool off, the crystal-clear waters of Moore Lake are the perfect spot to unwind on a warm day. Additionally, the Bagwa day use area also has a large sandy beach.

If you don’t own a canoe, this park has rental canoes and kayaks that are located in each campground on the shores of Moore Lake.

So, pack your adventure bag, friends. This is an excursion worth taking this summer!

Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park

When: Open until October 15th, 2024
Where: 6905 ON-17 E, Mattawa