A Galaxy AI-powered escape room? Yes, you read that right, and it’s not in a sci-fi movie – there’s one right here in Toronto!

Samsung is bringing a Galaxy AI-fueled escape room to Toronto’s Yorkdale Mall called The Winchester Conundrum, and it relies on using your wits and the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra to solve a mystery. It’s also totally free to play!

Consider the Galaxy S24 Ultra the Watson to your Holmes as you navigate challenging puzzles to unlock secrets and earn a piece of Winchester’s fortune.

Photo via Samsung

You’ll be relying on Samsung-powered AI and powerful tools like Circle to Search with Google feature to solve real-life puzzles to earn prizes… and bragging rights, of course. 

Here’s everything you can expect at this futuristic Samsung event.

What to Expect:  

Samsung will be setting up a Galaxy AI-powered escape room at the Yorkdale Shopping Centre from Wednesday, May 29th to Sunday, June 9th called The Winchester Conundrum.

You, along with up to 8 other players, will step into the opulent study of Winifred Willoughby Winchester, a billionaire quizmaster who has left behind a mind-bending challenge as her last will and testament. Typical, right?

The goal? Solve the puzzle and unlock her vast fortune. How will you do it? Sharp wits and even sharper tech!

Photo via Samsung

Walk through the luxurious study and examine the vintage cameras, globes, and hidden NFC tags.  

Using Galaxy AI on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, you will solve puzzles that range from identifying rare foods to discovering iconic landmarks.

Every puzzle you solve brings you one step closer to the truth. 

If you’re clever enough to solve the mystery, you could win your own piece of the treasure, including special discounts that can be used towards the purchase of any Galaxy S24 Series!

Is that your inner sleuth calling?


Photo via SamsungGrab your friends, sharpen your proverbial knives, and book your spot to join the fun! Who knows, maybe you’ll be the lucky winner.


When: Wednesday, May 29th – Sunday, June 9th 
Where: Yorkdale Shopping Centre, 3401 Dufferin St, Toronto
Cost: Free to play