Well, well, well, if it isn’t one of Canada’s favourite celebrities making headlines once again. Folks in Ottawa will soon be able to venture along Ryan Reynolds Way, as the superstar is getting a street named after him in the nation’s capital.

The honour may come as a surprise simply because of its location, given that Ryan Reynolds is a proud born and raised Vancouverite. What is less of a surprise, however, is that the recent Governor General’s award winner has earned this honour through the generosity and support he’s become so well known for.

Reynolds actually spent part of his childhood living in Vanier, and he and his wife Blake Lively contributed $50,000 to the Ottawa Food Bank during the pandemic. He also had some fun playing along with Ottawa Public Health, pretending to be a less-than-equipped intern named ‘Bruce’.

Now, Ottawa has paid back these good deeds with the unveiling of Ryan Reynolds Way. The street will be part of a new Ottawa subdivision, located near the corner of Mer Bleue and Brian Coburn.

This tips off a wonderful start to 2022 for Reynolds, whose other recent ventures include Aviation Gin, his own pro soccer team, and possibly bringing his low-cost mobile phone company to Canada.

The devil works hard, but Ryan Reynolds definitely works harder.