Over the weekend, Vancouver heartthrob Ryan Reynolds caught wind of the fact that a petition had sprung up to name a street in Vancouver after him. And, well, he’s going to pass on the honour. The reason? He’s not ready for his brothers to make fun of him.

That’s right. Reynolds is of the opinion that anytime his street has traffic on it, he’ll be associated with the experience. Hey, fair enough, we’ve had some less than amazing opinions of whoever Granville Street is named after from time to time.

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We have to admit, we wouldn’t want to be mentioned in those sentences either. So, we can definitely see where Reynolds is coming from. Especially if our siblings caught wind of it. Maybe there’s a beach or a park somewhere that’s more fitting.

Whatever the case, we don’t think we’re going to see a street named after Reynolds anytime soon. Fair enough, we’ll just keep memorizing all the streets named after trees instead.