In case you missed it, Ryan Reynolds got the Canadian comedy legend Rick Moranis to reappear on screen and in person for the first time in over two decades. The reason? To help promote a new mobile network that Reynolds is backing. Sure, that’s a good a reason as any!

Which is what makes the ad so funny. Reynolds knows that Moranis is an absolute titan, so he basically spends the entire ad just fawning over him. It’s exactly what we would do as well.

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Moranis landed roles in some of comedy’s most celebrated movies. Ghostbusters, Honey! I Shrunk The Kids… and of course, Spaceballs are all on there. He was also Bob Mckenzie (no, not that one), and is arguably as responsible for sharing the ‘Canadian accent’ with the world as anyone.

So to see him back on the screen, in any way, is an absolute treat. And luckily, this is just the start. Turns out he’ll be on an SCTV documentary coming out later this year and has signed on to a sequel for Honey! I Shrunk the Kids.

That’s great news for just about anyone! Enjoy the rest of the day folks, and maybe throw on Spaceballs for a laugh tonight.