Let’s get real people! As much as we love owning a home, maintaining it can be a daunting task. From fixing leaky faucets to handling electrical repairs, there’s always something that needs attention. And with life happening, it’s not always possible to stay on top of everything. So, we thank heavens (and ATCO) for Rümi.

Given its growing popularity and the fact that it is powered by one of the most trusted Albertan brands, ATCO, Rümi hardly needs an intro. The home repair and maintenance services brand has, after all, revolutionized the way Albertans take care of their homes.

Be it general repairs, new installations, home inspection, cleaning, plumbing, yard work or anything else, they have you covered all the way. 

Rümi home service
Photo via Rümi

In fact, Rümi has actually made life a lot easier for Albertan homeowners. And below are some ways how—

Simplify your life

The whole idea behind Rümi home service is to help you navigate the complexities of home repair and maintenance. They take the burden off your shoulders when it comes to finding home service professionals. With their expertise, you can delegate the task of maintenance and repairs, freeing up your time and energy for other priorities.

Connect you with skilled service providers

Rümi’s meticulous selection process ensures that only the best providers in Alberta make the cut. Say goodbye to second-guessing the skills and experience of the professionals who step into your home. They’ve got you covered.

Rümi home service
Photo via Rümi

Lend a reliable partnership

With Rümi as your reliable partner, you no longer have to tackle home repairs and maintenance alone. They are here to support you, providing the expertise and assistance you need to keep your home in top shape. Be it home inspections, plumbing, cleaning or anything else, they ensure all your home maintenance needs are taken care of.

Ensure a smooth experience

Backed by one of Alberta’s oldest and most reputable companies, Rümi brings a legacy of excellence to every task. They go above and beyond to ensure your experience is smooth and enjoyable, and with you along the way to make sure the job is done right. It isn’t surprising that Rümi home service is fast becoming a go-to solution for Albertans when it comes to home services. The brand is, after all, taking intimidation and hassle out of home maintenance tasks.

Check out their website below to know more about their offerings. Here’s to a happy home and equally happy homeowners!