There is no feeling in the world quite like getting your hair game on point at the salon while sipping on a pretty pink cosmo. It’s our two favourite activities put together. Not surprising then that hair clubbing is a fast-catching trend in Calgary. As it happens, Calgary’s boozy salon scene just went up several notches as a new salon and bar set up shop at 22 Shawnee Blvd SW. Welcome, Rootbar.

Rootbar isn’t your usual salon and cocktail bar. Instead, it solves an issue that many of us time-crunched Calgarians face; the issue of never finding the time (or motivation) to get our roots touched up on a timely basis.

boozy salon rootbar calgary
Photo via Curiocity

‘Why is it so hard to find time for a root touch-up?’ is a question we’ve all caught ourselves wondering. If you’re anything like us you’ve asked it more often than you’d care to admit. Turns out, April Brown, Rootbar’s President, wondered the same thing. Unlike us though, she turned her frustration into a brilliant business that now helps us all. She started Rootbar to offer Express Service

Express service- express roots for brunettes and express toner for blondes, to be precise- is exactly what it sounds. It’s the fastest and easiest way to get your hair back on-fleek. The idea is to get you in and out in an hour.

Of course, if you have the time, you can enjoy some good old hairstyling, colouring, extensions, and the likes while catching up with your girl gang and sipping on a crisp rose in between the fun banter. But when that dream is too far-fetched, you can still get the necessaries done without thinking twice. And no, they haven’t forgotten men. There is also an Express Men service for a quick cut, colour, and style.

boozy salon rootbar calgary
Photos via Curiocity

Now just because it’s express doesn’t mean it’s not luxe. While the ambience alone spells luxury, the boutique salon ensures that there is no compromise whatsoever in their service. The fact that it’s unexpectedly affordable sure adds to its charm. As does the fact that they offer great deals by way of amazing packages. 

The salon with its express service is obviously the Rootbar highlight but you can enjoy the bar even if prettying up isn’t on your agenda. The bar has a lineup of wines, coolers and beers that’ll leave you impressed. And it never hurts that you can get your sip of the day for half the price during happy hour right? 

Don’t know about you but next time life happens and we need a rush root touch-up, we definitely are taking the Rootbar route.


Address: 22 Shawnee Blvd SW, Calgary, AB T2Y 0P4