When it comes to Ontario beaches, a few of the most popular destinations come to mind. Wasaga, Sandbanks, and Woodbine, just to name a few. Though it’s safe to say there are hundreds of sandy coastlines scattered across the province, some of them definitely deserve to be added to the top of your bucket list. That being said, this Ontario park is home to 11 km of sand dune beaches along Lake Erie, and rare, centuries-old trees that are simply begging to be explored. Here’s what to know about Rondeau Provincial Park.

Located almost three hours west of Toronto is Rondeau Provincial Park. It’s nestled along the Lake Erie side of the Rondeau peninsula.

According to Ontario Parks, this little strip of paradise offers excellent hiking, biking, and rollerblading opportunities.

Cyclists can enjoy traversing along 38.5 km in length of trails and even explore its mature Carolinian forest, and cycle past 200-year-old trees, and its rare Oak Savanna. If Ontario’s forests could talk, we’re sure they’d have a lot to share.

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If you’re in awe of its bountiful history, you can also go for a hike through four of its active walking trails.

The Spice Bush Trail guides you through a southern hardwood forest of old-growth Tulip trees, American Beech, and maple. It also explores the transition between Carolinian forest and marsh.

The Tulip Tree Trail also travels through the Carolinian forest where hikers can see its rare Ontario trees such as tulip trees, sassafras, and Shagbark Hickory.

For bird watchers, the park is a world-renowned bird-watching destination and host of the springtime “Festival of Flight”.

This event attracts birdwatchers from across Ontario and the United States, according to the park.

Other available activities include fishing, canoeing, windsurfing, and more. As for its beaches, enjoy 11 km of its beautiful sandy coast.

But make sure to tread lightly and not to move driftwood. According to Ontario Parks,  “these beach and dune habitats are home to many species at risk including the endangered Fowler’s Toad and Common Five-lined Skink.”


According to Ontario Parks, the cost of a Day Use permit depends on the time of the year whether it be on or off-season, and by park. As for Rondeau Provincial Park, the Daily Vehicle Permit is priced at $18 after tax. For park-specific fees, make sure to contact the park directly.

“Obtain your daily vehicle permit up to five days in advance to guarantee your day-use spot at this park.,” shares Ontario Parks.

If you’re still itchin’ to discover more beautiful Ontario experiences, why not check out hidden turquoise lakes and the almost endless number of beaches in the province?

There’s just so much to do this summer and so little time!

Rondeau Provincial Park

Where: 18050 Rondeau Park Road, Morpeth, ON


Information on Rondeau Provincial Park is from Ontario Parks, and is accurate as of publication date.