Fall is officially here! And we’re sure, like us, you too are ready to road trip your way through the many gorgeous shades of fall. Which is why we put together this list of six road trips from Calgary that turn straight-up crimson and gold oasis come fall.

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Now that your ride is sorted, let’s get down to the list of road trips from Calgary—

Big Hill Springs Provincial Park

big hill springs
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The Big Hill Springs trail is an easy loop to hike with many gorgeous waterfalls cascading over rocky slopes. The falls and the meandering creek are the main attraction here. But they look even more stunning set against the backdrop of the bright fall foliage.

Distance: 30 mins
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Bragg Creek

bragg creek autumn
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Stroll through the forest trails of Bragg Creek Provincial Park. Picnic at the Forgot Me Not pond. Hang out by the Elbow Falls. Or hike up the Jumpingpound Summit trail. Whatever be your idea of a day trip, you’ll find yourself surrounded by fall colours all around.

Distance: 40 mins
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kananaskis lake autumn
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This beautiful area could very well be called the larch-viewing capital of the province. There are plenty of trails here to explore. And no matter which trail you pick, you’ll be rewarded with spectacular views of emerald larches turning bright gold.

Distance: 55 mins
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Banff National Park

banff autumn larches
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Banff is inarguably one of the best places to be year-round. But if you’re ready to view valleys covered in a brilliant shade of gold (thanks to larches), this is the place to be. Club this with the turquoise glacial lakes here, and you have a mesmerizing, technicolour scenery.

Distance: 1 hr 25 mins
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This is a special one! Because this dino city will let you experience the fall colours taking over the trees as well as the awe-inspiring clash that is the prairie and hoodoo landscape in fall. And the best way to experience both fall beauts is to hike the Midway Provincial Park.

Distance: 1 hr 25 mins
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Waterton Provincial Park

waterton lakes autumn
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With thousands and thousands of larch and aspen turning yellow and orange, the park turns 50 shades of awesome come fall. Hike down Horseshoe, Wishbone or Rowe-Tamarack trail. Or stay after dark to view the star-studded night sky, courtesy of their star-friendly street lights.

Distance: 2 hr 35 mins
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Ready for your fall adventure? Check out the Turo website to find yourself a fine ride. Just FYI, they do offer insurance with every booking and roadside assistance.