Love it or hate it (or love to hate it), Riverdale has been a staple of Hollywood North since the show’s first season aired in early 2017. In a wave of cancellations, The CW just announced that the landmark series will come to an end after its final seventh season.

What started out as a seemingly normal homage to the characters of Archie Comics quickly descended into what can only be described as utter chaos. From dimension-travelling to random pole dances, unexplained seizures, and Riverdale suddenly becoming Rivervale (??) the show’s writing has been all over the map.

We think Jughead said it best in his now-famous (albeit cringy) “I’m a weirdo” monologue. He’s definitely not wrong.


Honestly, the show is nothing if not extremely meme-able. Its viewership, however, has taken some major hits over the years as the storylines got more and more bizarre.

It’s not completely shocking that they’d cancel the show, but it is pretty sad news for those who like catching the cast & crew out and about in Vancouver.


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While we’re not exactly tearful over the show’s ending, we’ll definitely miss seeing the cast enjoy the city.

Well, that’s all for now, Vancouver. If you happen to see Cole Sprouse at Finch’s, say hello for us.