You might have heard some scuttlebutt about it already, as a brand new River Valley Outdoor Activity Centre has been in the works in Edmonton for a little while. And today, the federal government announcement a pretty massive amount of funding to help it along the way! Here’s the scoop.

While the name might not ring an immediate bell, the setting most certainly will. The new activity centre will be at one of the city’s most enduring locations- the Edmonton Ski Club. The non-profit society has been hard at work preparing for the new space, having already raised some $4.6M to get it here. And today, the federal government announced a whopping $6.6M or so in additional funding, bringing the total amount over $10M.

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So, what’s the plan for it? The new River Valley Outdoor Activity Centre will “provide inclusive cultural and sport experiences, accessible by Edmontonians all year round” and will offer “sport and cultural programming to a range of participants, from those facing barriers to Olympic-level athletes”.

Construction of the new building is still in its early stages, as the old lodge is on its last legs. The Edmonton Ski Club will be introducing new ‘interim structures’ starting this year, and we will keep our eyes peeled for a legitimate timeline for the new space.

Because honestly, we can’t wait!