Alright YYC, this is no secret… There is an enchanted place in the very heart of our city. It’s hidden (of sorts) on an island afloat a river. And it’s every bit as magical as the beautiful island and the glorious river that surrounds it. We are talking, of course, about River Café at Prince’s Island Park.

The Café opened doors to the public once again on Feb 11 after its annual winter break in January. And as is anybody’s guess, the place is pure magic. Truth be told, this gem is straight-up perfection year-round. But come winter and it turns into an enchanted paradise, one that’s fifty shades of glam and a hundred shades of romantic.
With Calgary having received a fresh cover of snow, River Café is now giving off some serious urban cabin vibes.


Picture this: You’re walking hand-in-hand with your significant other through the frosty forest taking in the insane views of snow-dusted everything. After the cold-meets-calming walk, you warm up by the fireside at the in-park café while enjoying a soul-satisfying meal and a crisp brut rose.

While the fairytale-like setting and the incredible views are enough to make the resto a city fave, it is also a shining gastronomical gem of Calgary’s food scene.

Photos via Curiocity

Like every season, River Café has a brand-new menu for the season, this time curated by Chef Scott Mackenzie. Prepared sustainably with ethically sourced local ingredients, every bite of their drool-worthy dishes screams fresh.

Long story short, if there is one thing you do before winter ends it is this− a romantic day-long getaway into the park and its knight in shining armour, River Café.

River Café

Weekday Lunch: 11am – 430pm
Weekday Dinner: 430pm – 10pm
Weekend Brunch: Saturday, Sunday & Holiday Mondays, 10am – 4pm
Afternoon Menu: Saturday & Sunday, 400pm – 430pm