That battle of Alberta energy exists in every situation that calls for a comparison between Calgary and Edmonton and the cost of a rental apartment? Even that’s not an exception.

While the two cities have established differences, their proximity to each other and the mountains have always kept those who live in the area head to head but a little competition never hurt anyone, right?

This month, in a new report by, the two cities, were among several across Canada to get analyzed through the consumer’s lens and here’s what we learned.

According to the study, the price of a one-bedroom rental in Calgary increased slightly from $1,222 per month in January 2021 to $1,244 just a year later with two bedrooms decreasing from $1,531 per month to $1,525.

As for 3-bedrooms, there was only a dollar difference ($1,899 to $1,898) between January of 2021 and 2022.

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Photo via Rentals’.ca

With this taken into consideration, Calgary – which has an overall average rental price of $1,422 for all property types – was listed in the report as the 26th most expensive city in the entire country.

Edmonton, however, finished in 29th place with a lower average rental price of $1,182 for all property types.

“Year over year, average rents in Edmonton for a one-bedroom were down 2 percent and down 0.3 percent for a two-bedroom,” they wrote in a release.

“Average rents for one-bedroom units in Edmonton rose $2 from $1,017 per month in January 2021 to $1,019 per month in January. Rent for two-bedroom homes increased slightly from $1,243 per month in January 2021 to $1,251 per month in January.”

So while Calgary may win in a battle of summer events and world-class restaurants – it’s Edmonton who takes this one.

Photo via Rentals’.ca

Of course. for those who desire peace and community among the two municipalities – it is worth noting that Alberta’s overall average rental price of $1,227 per month was the third-lowest in the entire country proving we’re better together so great job, guys. We’re all winners here!