Looking to explore something truly spectacular to close out the summer season? Check out Red Rock Canyon in Alberta, a natural treasure where vibrant rocks, blue sky and lush vegetation can be enjoyed on foot or from a picnic blanket.

Located about 3 hours south of Calgary in Waterton National Park, Red Rock makes for a stunning destination – especially in the warmer months.

Just as its name would imply, this unique pathway winds through a deep set canyon surrounded by bright red formations on either side – but that’s not all that it’s known for.

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The canyon also has an enchanting stream where colourful pebbles can be seen clear as day.

The best part? The main trail to the day-use area is pretty easy and can be travelled by almost everyone, including dogs and kids – in fact, most would consider this a leisurely walk as opposed to a hike.

If however, you’d like a bit of a challenge, we’d recommend Goat Lake, Avion Ridge or the Tamarack Trail, which can be accessed from the Red Rock or along the parkway.

Either way, don’t forget to bring snacks or take a few photos of the canyon – it really is something else and should not be missed by locals and visitors alike.


Where: Waterton Park, AB – See directions here