Summer is starting to wind down but there’s still plenty to experience in and around Alberta. A must-see before it all freezes over? Ram Falls Provincial Park!

Located an hour south of Nordegg, this Alberta park has a campground and hiking trails – but there are few activities that will beat a view of its waterfall, though it won’t be easy to get to!

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“The road to Ram Falls is a gravel road that can be a bit rough, though it is suitable for most vehicles,” warns Alberta Parks. 

“The nearest gas station is in Nordegg, about 65km from the park. Although it is only 65km, it may take over an hour to drive, depending on the road condition. Cellphone reception is also very limited in Ram Falls Provincial Park, so it is best to print a map instead of relying on GPS.”

Our advice? Bring snacks, comfortable shoes, and take their suggestion seriously.


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Nothing kills an adventure like getting lost and you won’t want to miss out! After all, once you’re finally there, you’re in for magic!

After parking the car and walking what many call “the stairway to heaven,” those who visit the park will be enchanted by a 20-metre plunge that pours into a plate of sandstone rocks below, but it gets better.

Bighorn sheep also populate the park and are incredibly photogenic.


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Interested in seeing it for yourself? It’s well worth the drive!

Can’t make the trip? Consider visiting one of these other waterfalls in Alberta! It won’t be long until it’s too late.


Where: Ram Falls Provincial Park, Forestry Trunk Rd, Clearwater County, AB

Before embarking on your journey to the destination above, we kindly advise you to review the provincial Air Quality Index due to wildfires. Should you choose to assist those affected by the wildfires, please do so here. Stay safe and take care, Alberta!