Digging out festive lights and spotting a few burnt-out bulbs is one of the most Christmassy things to do. And while we are all for Christmas miracles, there isn’t one that can bring those lights back to life. But instead of tossing them in the trash, you can recycle them for free this year, thanks to Product Care Recycling.

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The not-for-profit recycling organization is making it easier than ever to recycle our old Christmas lights. How, you ask? Well, they have hundreds of recycling drop-off locations across BC. You can drop off your burnt-out lights here for free.

The drop-off locations accept a variety of lights. This includes all kinds of holiday string lights, chandeliers, pendant lights, desk lamps, standing lamps, bike lights and electric candles among others.

Christmas Light Recycling

All you have to do is find a location near you. And drop off accepted light fixtures and string lights at the location.

Now, we already know that recycling helps prevent waste from further filling up our landfill. But we recently discovered that recycling our Christmas lights does more for the planet. It also helps reuse a lot of material.

As explained by a blog post on Product Care Recycling, “recycled aluminum requires 96% less energy to process than virgin aluminum.” Now that’s saying something!

So, let’s do our beloved earth a solid and drop off our worn-out lights at Product Care Recycling’s locations.

Last year BC recycled 7 million light bulbs. Let’s aim to cross that milestone and set an even better one this year!