In today’s top pick of “things not to do” we have a driver who was recently pulled over by an Alberta Sherriff for going 201 km/h (91 km/h over the speed limit) on a snowy, icy road just outside of Edmonton. Yikes.

According to the Alberta Sherriff’s post on Facebook, the driver was caught February 11th in icy, snowy, and windy conditions on Highway 16 near Mundare, Alberta. To make things even better, it was nearly -40°C and completely dark out. Just normal driving conditions, ya know?

Interestingly enough, the driver was carrying a Class 1 commercial license, meaning he’s considered a professional driver. We guess if anyone’s going to be ripping in the snow like that, it better be a pro…

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Travelling at over 200 km/h would be unsafe in ideal conditions – but it was dark, with strong winds, blowing snow, icy…

Posted by Alberta Sheriffs on Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Of course, the last thing you want to see in a whiteout is somebody flying down any highway at speeds like this, but we’re just thankful no one got hurt. That being said, the driver will have to appear in court since he was going way over the 50 km/h excessive speed that requires being summoned by the courts.

Remember, folks, just because we’re Canadian doesn’t mean we’re impervious to the perils of icy roads. Stay safe out there!