We hope you’re ready for a lot of culture and even more fun! Later this month, the Powell Street Festival is returning to Vancouver, for its 46th (!!) year in action. Whether you’ve been going for years, or have yet to check it out, we think you’re in for a treat. Here’s why!

As one of Canada’s largest and longest running community festivals, the Powell Street Fest is an invitation to learn about the history of the Downtown Eastside. Fun fact- for decades, Powell Street and the surrounding area was (and is still) the heart of the city’s Japanese Canadian community.

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There are a few things to check out if you decide to visit. Oppenheimer Park will be where most of the action is, with live performances, booths, and other fun activities planned. But, We definitely think a stroll down Alexander Street is a must as well, to check out all the vendors that are signing on for the weekend.

We’re talking food, we’re talking crafts, we’re talking arts and a whole lot more! And with this being a free option in the city, we absolutely think it’s worth making the trip down there.

Powell Street Festival

When: July 30th and 31st
Where: Powell Street area
Cost: Free to attend