Whether we want to admit it or not, slang often comes into play in our regular conversations and lives – and there are seemingly always new terms to learn the meanings of. As well, there are words that we might forget are technically slang to begin with. Ordering a “double-double” from “Timmies,” or grabbing your “toque” for the chilly weather are just some of the phrases ingrained into regular lingo in Canada.

If you’re looking to uncover the most frequently used slang terms in your province or city (if even just to prove a point to someone) – language tutor website Preply has compiled a list of all the most common slang terms and phrases in multiple categories, ranging from food to dating.

Over 128,000 geotagged tweets from each province and territory were used to determine which terms were the most popular and unique to each.

While words like “bae” and “ick” are common in other English-speaking countries as well, some are definitely Canadian-specific.

So with that in mind, here are the most popular Canadian slang terms in each province:

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While you’re unlikely to use more than two of these terms in the same sentence, it goes to show how important knowing Canadian slang is – if your goal is to embody the “true Canuck,” according to Preply.

As such, “Canuck” is the most popular slang term in both BC and Quebec, and close behind are the terms “Dart” and “Mountie.” The former refers to a cigarette and was actually first used in Australian lingo, funnily enough. The latter is used to refer to a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and is especially popular in the Northwest Territories and Prince Edward Island.

So there you have it, Canada. You can check out Preply’s full list of Canada’s Most Popular Slang Terms for more province and city-specific selections.