In a national survey conducted at the start of April, the Angus Reid Institute has found that Canadians are most excited to go back to hugging each other once the country is back to normal. We don’t know about you, but that is just about the darn cutest thing we’ve heard during these trying times.

The survey asked a whole bunch of stuff about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. From how people are spending their time to how long they think it will last, the survey is basically a snapshot of life in Canada right now.

What are people doing the most in their newfound downtime? Well, that’s easy! They’re streaming video content on the internet. Or, they’re cleaning up their apartment/house. Heck, maybe they’re doing both.

As for when things return to normal, we’ve already covered giving your pals a big old hug. Aside from that, most folks are looking forward to returning to cafes/restaurants and simply reconnecting with people. Very wholesome, we have to say.

And that’s a little rundown on how Canada is feeling right now. If you want to give the full report a read just click here!