Pizza? But not nutritional trash? We’re all ears. Pizza 73 gets that sometimes you want to just really let loose on a 12″ pepperoni, but without the health guilt. Now, you can order in all the pizza goodness, with some actual nutritional goodness!

Pizza 73 just launched cauliflower crust pizza in all of their stores, which majorly ups the nutritional specs without losing out on flavour. No, we’re serious! We tried it, and we thought it was a regular pizza for a hot second. The cauliflower crust looks, feels, and tastes pretty much just like crust!

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Also, Pizza 73 just launched two new plant-based protein toppings. We ALSO thought this was the wrong pizza, because the spicy sausage crumble and pepperoni were deadringers for the real thing.

“The resounding feedback from our customers has been for healthier options and more flexibility, so we are excited to deliver on their requests,” said Paul Goddard, CEO. “At Pizza 73, we are continuously focused on new trends and menu innovation for our customers.  The launch of our Cauliflower Crust and plant-based protein toppings is another example of Pizza 73 leading the way in innovation and food quality.”

Sounds like you’ve got a really, really good excuse to order pizza this weekend!


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