Yes, you read the headline right. The Pint Gastown will be offering free wings each Wednesday this month.

So here’s the deal.

We already love The Pint. The screens are giant, the boozy bevvies are lip-smacking ($10 triples fans we see you!) and the eats are delish and endless. But the thing we love the most about this LIT AF sports bar is the dope deals they have running all the damn time.

As if we needed any more reason to frequent this place, the bar has now amped by its promo game for April. They are now offering an early bird special deal on their crispy, spicy 40-way wings. Every Wednesday, you can enjoy free frigging wings with any Bud or Bud Light product from 3pm until 5pm. Nope, we are most definitely NOT KIDDING.

Wait! There’s more.

This early bird special in no way affects their regular Wing Wednesday. Meaning, you can continue to enjoy all 40 flavours of wings for half price through the rest of the evening. For the folks at The Pint, 40-way menu might be a 40-flavour delight but for us, it is 40 shades of awesome.

Coco Chanel might not have been talking about these flavour-loaded, sauce and dip-accompanied wings when she said, “The best things in life are free.” But she sure got it right!

Don’t know about you, but we defs have our Wednesday bar sorted for the rest of the month.