Why read the history books when you can take a field trip to Ontario’s past? At Pinhey’s Point Historic Site, you can step inside the 200-year-old remains of a once-thriving estate.

On the banks of the Ottawa River lies a hidden gem that captures the heart and soul of our province’s history.

Picture this: an 1800s manor house, picturesque ruins, sprawling green hills, and breathtaking views of the river. It’s like a fairy tale!

Spanning 88 acres, Pinhey’s Point is a living time capsule, telling the incredible story of H.K. Pinhey and his family’s estate, Horaceville.

Established in 1820 and named after the founder’s eldest son, Horace, this estate remained in the Pinhey family for generations.

It wasn’t until the heirs of Miss Ruth Pinhey decided to sell it to March Township in 1971 that the next chapter of its story began.

In 1980, the Pinhey’s Point Foundation took over the site and transformed it into a haven for history and nature lovers.

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They acquired the property in 1983 and negotiated a heritage easement with the Ontario Heritage Trust to preserve of every nook and cranny of the estate, including the interior.

Today, it is a historic site operated by the City of Ottawa.

Here, you can wander the rooms of this historic manor and explore the exquisite stone ruins of the surrounding area.

Pinhey’s Point is also a haven for outdoor activities.

Boaters can set sail along the Ottawa River, while cyclists can pedal their way through the scenic beauty of the surroundings.

So, whether you’re a history buff, a nature lover, or just seeking a charming getaway, this enchanting experience is nothing short of magical.

Pinhey’s Point Historic Site

When: Saturdays & Sundays, 10 AM to 5 PM
Where: 270 Pinhey ‘s Point Road, Dunrobin