Looking for an outdoor adventure that’s close to Vancouver? You won’t have to go far from the city to enjoy the diverse natural landscape of Pinecone Burke Park. From towering mountains to climb to crystal blue lakes to swim in, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a hidden paradise no matter your summer activity of choice. Be it mountain biking, climbing, hiking, kayaking, or simply unwinding at the beach.

Hiking & info

Nestled between Golden Ears and the Indian Arm (and just south of Garibaldi), the park is just an hour away by car, making it a fantastic day trip option for those living in the city. The Five Fingers alpine area has long been a destination for mountain climbers, and includes an abandoned mine tunnel and old steam donkey from the early 1920s.

One of the park’s highlights is the popular Dilly Dally Loop, a scenic trail that’s as beautiful as it is fun to say. The trail takes you through old-growth forests, offering stunning views of the surrounding peaks and valleys.

For more experienced adventurers, the park’s remote backcountry has the potential for a multi-day backpacking trip through rugged terrain to Burke Mountain. The payoff? Camping under the starry night sky, surrounded by untouched wilderness.

You may even catch a hidden waterfall or two!

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pinecone burke park
Photo via BC Parks

Lakes & camping

As well, Pinecone Burke Park is home to the largest freshwater tidal lake in North America – AKA Pitt Lake, which runs south to include Burke Mountain in Coquitlam. Influenced by the tides from the Strait of Georgia, the lake boasts unique tidal waves for boating and fishing.

Visitors can also access the stunning Munro and Dennett lakes and Burke Ridge by using old logging roads and trails from the Port Coquitlam and the District Hunting and Fishing Club at the end of Harper Road.

Campers can set up shop at the shoreline of Pitt Lake or Widgeon Creek – though the old Widgeon Falls Trail is not currently recommended.

Note that bears have recently been found active near the Munro Lake Trail – so remember to keep some bear spray on you if you’re going to explore the surrounding areas. Oh, and bring your own drinking water!

Pinecone Burke Park 

Where: North of Coquitlam

Information on Pinecone Burke Park is from BC Parks, and is accurate as of publication date.