If you or anyone around you are a firm believer of coffee being a quintessential food group, we come bearing great news. #1: Pilot Coffee Roasters just dropped their Holiday Gift Shop. #2: It’s full of ready-to-gift specials for every type of coffee lover on your list.

While the die-hard coffee fans among us are well familiar, for others, allow us to introduce you to Pilot Coffee Roasters. The Toronto-born brand has been serving up specialty coffee and unparalleled coffee experiences for the past 13 years. And they have several awards and accolades to back this up. They also live by a Direct Trade sourcing philosophy, which means they build genuine relationships with farmers so you can feel good about every cup.

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Needless to say, there’s no beating the roastery when it comes to enjoying the ultimate pleasures of coffee. Whatever that means to you— trying unique new flavours & origins, cozying up with your favourite mug or freshly grinding and brewing the perfect cup.

And thanks to their holiday specials, getting the perfect holiday gifts for the coffee-worshiping personas around you (including yourself) is a piece of cake. Think classic and unique blends, kettles, gear and more.

Here are 5 of Pilot Coffee Roaster’s offerings for the holiday season that will make the coffee aficionados in your life very happy—


Holiday Blend
Photo via Pilot Coffee Roasters

Ready for this? This year’s Holiday blend is a mix of specialty coffees from Guatemala, Colombia and Ethiopia. And it features rich notes of chocolate, stone fruit sweetness and a wonderfully creamy body. And for anyone who loves a rich and smooth coffee above all else, this creamy, (dark) chocolatey delight is the perfect gift.

Cost: $21.00


Single Origin Coffee Collection
Photo via Pilot Coffee Roasters

This collection explores some of the world’s finest coffee-growing regions and farms. Featuring three different seasonal coffees and a Pilot Coffee Roasters ceramic cup set, you’ll learn to appreciate coffee flavours from around the world.

Cost: $79.00


Pour Over Brew Set
Photo via Pilot Coffee Roasters

For those who need their coffee brewed precisely and served at a specific temperature, there’s no better gift than this. The gift box includes a ceramic Hario V60 brewer, paper filters, 340g bag of Holiday seasonal blend, and a Pilot Coffee Roasters x Miir Tumbler. 

Cost: $89.00


Fellow Stagg EKG
Photo via Pilot Coffee Roasters

Pour Over Set? Check. Now level up your brew with this incredibly stylish Fellow kettle that comes with a slew of features. And as the roastery aptly put it, “Whether you’re a world brewing champion or a brewing beginner, Stagg EKG will be your countertop partner in the pursuit of a ridiculously good cup of coffee.”

Cost: $230


Gift Subscription
Photo via Pilot Coffee Roasters

If you want the coffee nerd in your life to keep on enjoying your gift until long after the holidays, this subscription is all you need. Once activated, the receiver can pick their own delivery dates and frequency to suit their preference.

Cost: Starting at $175.00

Any of these 5 gifts is sure to improve the morning routines of the caffeine fanatics in your life. And also make you very popular this season!

Toronto-based specialty coffee roaster, wholesaler and cafe operator.