Why not treat yourself to something new? Especially when said thing just ranked as one of the 50 best new restaurants of 2022 according to Bon Appetite. We’re talking about the Vietnamese speakeasy, Phocific Standard Time.

If you haven’t heard of Phocific, it’s located above Seattle’s beloved Pho Bac on 7th avenue. They describe themselves as a “việt tree house” and it’s certainly a unique spot which is partially why it landed on Bon Appetite’s list. The review mentions Phocific’s intimate atmosphere and the adventure of walking through the closed restaurant to access it.

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Menu highlights from the review included “the cà phê trứng, a take on egg yolk coffee spiked with aquavit” as well as the “wonderfully chewy tapioca dumplings, bahn mi, and intoxicatingly rich and briny crab dip.” There’s also a mention of treating yourself to the “Khoa Was Here, a pho-fat-washed shot of Jameson, accompanied by a small bowl of pho” as a nightcap.

All in all, it seems like a trip to Phocific Standard Time is a great addition to your plans this month. If you’re traveling around the PNW you can visit other list mentions like República and Morchella in Portland, Oregon.

Phởcific Standard Time

Where: 1923 7th Ave
Hours: Wednesday & Thursday 5 pm-11 pm, Friday & Saturday 5 pm-12 am