If you love croissants a little too much, you may have seen the large, circular shaped ones on social media lately. Petit Pierre Bakery in Seattle is home to giant ‘supreme croissant,’ and here’s how to get them!

According to Petit Pierre Bakery, not only is the croissant circular, but it is also filled and topped with rotating flavors.

“Delicious and Instagram worthy, enough to share with friends and share online,” they state. “”Our croissant supreme fillings and toppings change with the season.”

The bakery says it loves to experiment and switch up flavors so that there is always something new to try.

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Recent flavors included: Irish Cream Croissant Supreme, Milk Chocolate Cream with Vanilla Bean Caramel Petit Supremes, and the OG Supreme filled with passionfruit coconut and topped with white chocolate and toasted coconut.

In January, they had a Chocolate Brownie Croissant filled with chocolate cream, dipped in chocolate glaze and topped with brownie bits, crunchy pearls and edible gold. We know, we also have a sudden craving for a croissant…

If you’re looking to grab a Croissant Supreme, you can pop into one of their two locations or place a pre-order on Petit Pierre Bakery’s website. As well, they take special order for large batches, in case you wanted to share the treats. The bakery i  also available on DoorDash UbereatsGrub Hub.

Keep en eye out on their social media for flavor drops!

Petit Pierre Bakery

Where: 6801 Greenwood Ave N, 113A, Seattle, WA and 3204 W. McGraw St. Seattle, WA