First star to the right and straight on ’till morning! After much anticipation, the 2023 live-action adaption of Peter Pan & Wendy will finally hit Disney+ this week and audiences are in for a magical ride.

A reimagined version of the children’s classic, the upcoming film will be told from Wendy’s (Ever Anderson) point of view and will further explore the backstory of Pan (Alexander Moloney) and even of Captain Hook (Jude Law).

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Set to hit the streaming platform on April 28th, the tale of the boy who never grows up has long been beloved by audiences all over the world and largely in part to characters like Tinker Bell (Yara Shahidi), Mr. Smee (Jim Gaffigan), The Lost Boys –  and their friend Tiger Lily, portrayed by Cree actress, Alyssa Wapanatâhk.

Only days before making her big Disney debut, we actually talked to Alberta-born Wapanatâhk about the role she played in bringing the princess to life.

“They pretty much fully gave me the reigns on this thing,” she told Curiocity.

“Every single day I’d be thinking about, you know, what can we do, what more can we do. What should we have in it or what shouldn’t we have in it.”


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This, of course, came pretty naturally to the 25-year-old, as she actually wrote and produced a short film called Napes Kasêkipatwât / The Boy And The Braid, which won generous funding from Storyhive in 2018.

“I was always, always, always, aware of what was going on, what we’re doing in a scene and what the set looks like. I was very hands-on and very involved with the whole process,” she continued, adding that being behind the camera is not an easy job – and they certainly had their work cut out for them.

Bringing a story full of magic and whimsy into a realm of reality is not an easy task – but according to the actress, they managed to do exactly that.

“It’s the same story! It is so similar – that’s what I really appreciated about it… when I first read it, I saw the old movie,” she said.

“It was so grounded and like, it was done in the most correct ways – that maybe it should have been done before. In this take, it’s very real, it’s very juicy, the colours and everything, it’s so magnificent. I love it.”

If you’d like to take a bite out of the film yourself, you can catch Peter Pan & Wendy this Friday as long as you have your password and a sense of wonder.

To see the trailer you can check it out above, otherwise – it’ll only be a matter of time, Canada.

Here’s to faith, trust and pixie dust!