A dazzling display up above the world so high! The Perseid Meteor Shower is just around the corner and Canadian stargazers will have a front-row seat, but when and where should you look up?

Described by NASA as the ‘best meteor shower of the year,” this annual event is not one to be missed by romance-seekers, photographers, or jr. astronomers.

Active between July 14th and September 1st, 2024 those who point their peepers to the sky could see bright meteors that leave “long wakes of light and color behind them” – but it gets better.

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“Perseids are also known for their fireballs,” explains NASA.

“Fireballs are larger explosions of light and color that can persist longer than an average meteor streak. This is due to the fact that fireballs originate from larger particles of cometary material. Fireballs are also brighter, with apparent magnitudes greater than -3.”

Want to double your chances of seeing something overhead? Pack snacks and a blanket for August 12th, 2024 – the peak of the shower.

During this time, up to 100 ‘shooting stars’ per hour can be seen, as long as you’re removed from light pollution and there are little to no clouds.

The Perseid Meteor Shower is truly going to be something else, Canada!

Good luck and happy viewing.