Do you ever wonder what happens to all of your e-commerce returns? Well, if it didn’t fit right, wasn’t compatible with your device or you just changed your mind, there’s a pretty good chance that it’s actually being resold at the new liquidation pop-up, Krazy Bins, which has practically taken over Tiktok.

With locations in Calgary, Red Deer, London, Hamilton, Cambridge and Kitchener (so far) this discount emporium sells everything from housewares, to clothing, cleaning supplies, and electronics, all of which have been sent back to one of Amazon’s warehouses.

These stores have been popping up all over the place, with bargain hunters and internet sleuths lining up for hours to get inside, and for good reason.

At Krazy Bins, not only might you find literal buried treasure, but you’ll also pay next to nothing to take it home.

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You see, depending on the day, shoppers could pay as little as $3 for almost everything in the store, and no we’re not bluffing!

Here, prices are determined based on how long ago they restocked their store; for example, if you go on Thursday, which is the day they get new items, things will be a little more expensive ($25 max) and if you check it out Tuesday, which is considered the end of the week, items may cost next to nothing.

The catch? Well, not only has it become pretty difficult to get in, shoppers are only given 30 minutes to an hour to dig through their inventory which means that when those doors open, it’s go-time.

Despite this though, it would be crazy not to check it out – or at least to stay on high alert just in case they open one near you.

As we said, they have really been quietly opening stores all over the country, so keep your eye on things, folks! You will not want to miss checking them out.


Where: 3351 20 Ave NE Calgary, AB


Where: 6207 67A St, Red Deer, AB


Where: 385 Dundas St North, Unit 3A


Where: 2824 Barton St E Hamilton, ON


Where: 842 Victoria St N Unit 3, Kitchener, ON


Where: 1040 Wharncliffe Rd S, Unit 2 , London, ON