The Great North is one of the most beautiful places on planet earth – but it’s also one of the best places to live and be an adventure-seeker!

According to a new ranking published by The Passport Index, Canada has a pretty impressive mobility rating and is among the countries with the most powerful Identification in the world for 2022.

With a current score of 170, Canadians were given a passport power ranking of 5 along with Slovakia, Lithuania, Malta and Singapore.

Though it was the United Arab Emirates that placed first in the world, Canada was given a higher ranking than last year, is one of the few countries that can travel visa-free to over 100 destinations, and only need to prove where they’re from upon arrival in 55 countries!

What really should impress you, however, is how few of our global neighbours ask Canadians to secure a visa before visiting.

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Photo via Passport Index

With only 28 destinations that ask for papers beyond a passport – Canucks are free to visit 85% of the world, as long as they possess a valid blue booklet.

“The Passport Index has published its latest update today, showing that global mobility is rising, despite the eruption of conflict in Europe and growing tensions over borders,” they wrote in a press release.

“Though the world continues to feel the aftershocks of the pandemic, surprisingly, travelling has never been easier, with steady growth in passport power, a trend that is predicted to continue into 2023.”

Photo via Passport Index

Want to know who else topped the list? Here are the 10 countries with the most powerful passports in the world:

  1. United Arab Emirates (180)
  2. Germany (173)
  3. Sweden (173)
  4. Finland (173)
  5. Luxembourg (173)
  6. Spain (173)
  7. France (173)
  8. Italy (173)
  9. Netherlands (173)
  10. Austria (173)

Want to see their entire report? You can check out the full Passport Index on their website now – but be warned. It’s mighty extensive!

You might get lost in their interactive map!</em