If you enjoy exercising outdoors, you’ll definitely want to check out these parks with outdoor fitness equipment – Vancouver has many! That’s right, there’s more to the world of outdoor exercise than just Kits Beach. And even better, you won’t have to shell out any dough for a gym membership!

We know the weather has been a little wonky lately, but sometimes a little rain can be refreshing when you’re in the middle of a deep stretch or workout. So come rain or shine, here are 11 parks with outdoor fitness equipment to check out in Vancouver this spring.

Barclay Heritage Square

Don’t let its size fool you, this tiny West End park has a compact fitness area with lots of bars for pull-ups and sips, as well as an inclined sit-up bench, all of which are fairly new as of 2020!

Where: 1433 Barclay Street

Brockton Oval at Stanley Park

If the callisthenics equipment at Second Beach is occupied or if the beach is too busy to get a good workout in, head to Brockton Oval behind the fieldhouse in Stanley Park. It has pull-up bars, angled monkey bars, and a sit-up board.

Where: Avison Way at Stanley Park Drive, Vancouver

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Carnavon Park


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Nestled between playing fields and the elementary school is a fitness circuit with monkey bars, chin-up bars, and agility courses. Next time you’re on a walk through the area, check ’em out.

Where: 2995 West 19th Avenue

China Creek North Park

After a major overhaul in 2019, this park now features a ton more circuit training equipment, including rings, parallel bars, and sit-up benches.

Where: 1001 East 7th Avenue

Douglas Park Outdoor Fitness Circuit


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In addition to a massive playground, walking/jogging trail, baseball field, and basketball and tennis courts, Douglas Park also has a fitness area in the northeast corner. Check out the chin-up bars, parallel bars, and benches for box jumps.

Where: 794 West 20th Avenue

Empire Field at Hastings Park

The Empire Field in Hastings Park is a great place to get a quick workout in. Several pieces of cardio equipment fall under the shadow cast by the roller coaster, so you’ll stay cool. There are also ping pong tables if you and some friends want to challenge each other to a game!

Where: 2901 East Hastings

Fraserview Park

The perimeter of Fraserview Park is lined with a great walking and jogging trail, and there are fitness stations placed at regular intervals for some prime circuit training.

Where: 7595 Victoria Drive

Heather Park


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Heather Park is a great alternative to Douglas that’s just minutes away – if your fave equipment is already in use. There’s a trail around the perimeter of the park you can get some laps in, as well as some pull-up bars and tennis courts.

Where: 702 West 18th Avenue

Lilian To Park

This one’s another “tiny but mighty” park, perfect for squeezing in a few pull-ups while you’re passing by — either on foot or by bike since the park sits right in the middle of a bike path.

Where: 3276 Yukon Street

Memorial South Park

At the center of this massive park is a newer fitness area, complete with diagrams showing possible body weight and balance exercises, as well as an elliptical machine. Perfect for a sunny afternoon.

Where: 5955 Ross Street

Tisdall Park

Known locally as “Vancouver Senior’s Community Park,” Tisdall Park has 13 activity stations, including a wellness circuit designed with seniors in mind. Exercise with a cardio stepper, ab crunch or leg lift, squat/back press, and more.

Where: 6210 Tisdall Street

And that’s a wrap on Vancouver parks with fitness equipment to check out. Remember to give the bars a good wipe-down before and after you use them in the event of sweat, and also rain.