Dreaming of faraway places? Well, you don’t need a plane ticket to be transported to Europe because you can experience it right here in a town called Paris, Ontario.

In its own Canadian way, this town really does live up to its namesake.

It features cobblestone, historic buildings, artisan boutiques, and views of the Grand River that will make you feel like you’re wandering along the River Seine.

In fact, this town is known as the “cobblestone capital of Canada” because it is a hub of aged cobblestone homes and structures.

You can take a tour of them all for a deep dive into history, or admire them for those picture-perfect photo ops.

You may not be able to enjoy an evening cruise overlooking the Eiffel Tower, but you can paddle along the Grand River and relax at the historic Penman’s Dam park and waterfall.

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There are other photo-worthy moments too, like Lion’s Park and the William Street Bridge that overlooks the shops and restaurants lined along the river’s edge.

And it wouldn’t be a trip to Paris without shopping and dining, and luckily, our Ontario version has both!

You can take an all-inclusive food and shopping tour with Tasty Road Trips, which will let you sample delights from the finest local spots in town.

And we’d be remiss not to mention croissants and coffee — the historic Paris Bakery has been serving up fresh pastries and treats since 1927!

The best part is that this little trip to Europe is less than 90 minutes outside of downtown Toronto.

It’s the perfect spot for a day trip or an overnight getaway. Bon voyage, friends!