A new documentary about one of Canada’s most recognizable icons is officially out. Pamela, A Love Story on Netflix gives viewers a rare inside look at Anderson’s humble life in BC and the story of her rise to fame, told in her own words.

In the film, viewers see Pamela Anderson like they never have before — in loose dresses with no makeup on, cutting the grass, and relaxing comfortably at home.

The film begins with Anderson at her childhood home in Ladysmith, a small town on Vancouver Island. She revealed that she now lives in this home to be closer to her parents.

“I’m living in the house I grew up in which is triggering and crazy,” she says. “I always come home when I have some kind of trouble going on and I always know what I’m doing when I leave.”

She is pictured walking on the beaches of BC, which are much rockier than in California. “I can’t run in slow motion on this beach,” she says.

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In the documentary, Anderson talks about her childhood in great detail. She even shares some of her most traumatic memories, while admitting that it’s hard for her to talk about.

She goes on to share the story of her first taste of fame. Anderson moved to Vancouver in 1989 and attended a BC Lions game.

After being noticed in the crowd in her Labatt’s t-shirt, Labatt’s made her the poster girl of the brand. Not long afterward, she was contacted by Playboy and from there, her career took off almost instantly.

After her whirlwind career with many public highs and lows, Pamela felt compelled to return to her roots back in Canada.

That is where she lives with her husband, Canadian bodyguard and builder Dan Hayhurst.

“He’s a good Canadian guy, normal. I just felt like, maybe I need to try that,” she said about Hayhurst.

‘Maybe this is just the time that I’m supposed to be home, I guess. I’m like a spawning salmon, just coming home to die — kidding,” she says with a laugh.

We love to see Canadian stars coming back to the north. Not even Ryan Reynolds can stay away!

You can watch Pamela, A Love Story on Netflix Canada right now.