Life can be a bit dull without a pop of colour, and for those tirelessly working to brighten up their communities, a little extra vibrancy goes a long way. Thanks to Paint4Good, nonprofits across Calgary have the chance to reinvent their space—with a coat of fresh paint!

About Paint4Good

Paint4Good is a charity founded by a Calgary-based painting company called The Urban Painter. The motivation behind Paint4Good started back in 2020, with the hope of uplifting community organizations through free painting projects during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since then, each year Paint4Good has chosen five well-deserving, Calgary-based organizations and nonprofits to receive FREE painting services. The Urban Painter team donates their time and resources to help transform these beloved neighbourhood pillars into vibrant and welcoming spaces. 

This means that community centres, shelters, preschools, or any space being used for a noble cause, can apply!


How Paint4Good works

With brushes, buckets of paint, and smiles in hand, the Paint4Good team swoops in to transform community spaces with a magical touch of colour. Whether a space needs a fresh coat of paint on the walls, cabinet doors, trim or ceilings, their expert team will have it covered (in paint, that is).

As an added bonus, selected organizations will also have the chance to sit down with a team of design consultants. They will ensure they pick the perfect colours to match their vision.

Pretty cool, hey? 

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Here’s how to apply: 

  1. Submit your story to Paint4Good by October 18th, 2023
  2. The Paint4Good team will vote on submissions 
  3. The Paint4Good team will then select and contact five organizations to start picking their paint swatches!

About The Urban Painter

The Urban Painter is a family-run business in Calgary, with a passion for curating enjoyable and colourful spaces with their services. Through their Paint4Good charity, their team has now donated over $250,000 worth of painting services to local organizations.

Are you a part of an organization or nonprofit doing good within the Calgary community? Find more details on how to apply on their website!

Application deadline: October 18th, 2023
How to apply: Visit