Calgary, we know you’ve been wearing the same 4 pairs of sweatpants on rotation for over a year. It’s been a comfortable go, but summer is in full swing and it’s time to spruce up your plans, and your outfit. Why? Because Packwood Grand is coming up in August, and you’re going to want to dress to impress. 

Unless you were living under a rock pre-COVID, you’ve probably heard of one of Alberta’s snazziest soirees, Packwood Grand. After unfortunately having to cancel their 2020 event, we’re pumped to see that Packwood Grand is coming back for a bigger and better 2021. 

packwood grand calgary
Photo via Packwood Grand

And for those who have never heard of Packwood Grand before, we’ve got just 4 words to paint a picture for you. Fancy hats, champagne and horse races. Late this summer you’ll find all three of those things in Calgary on Saturday, August 7th. 

Founded in 2014 by a local Calgarian duo, this is really where socialites go to network, where the fashion-forward go to to be seen and where everyone goes to drink champagne and eat amazing food in the sun. Oh, and to watch some horse races, of course! 

packwood grand calgary
Photo via Packwood Grand

The full Packwood Grand Guest Experience includes:

  • A full afternoon of live horse racing
  • Covered and open-ar viewing areas, seating lounges, and private suites
  • A spectacularly crafted luncheon by Packwood’s executive chef
  • Exclusive Packwood Grand cocktails, and wine, champagne, beer & spirits for purchase
  • Live music & entertainment 
  • Private-access wagering kiosks and terminals, betting assistance
  • Access to the Packwood Grand Starting Gate held pre-race with optional transportation to and from the track

You’re probably mentally running through your closet right now and disqualifying everything, so we’ve got some tips to help you dress for the occasion. 

First off, start sharp. If you’re looking to flex, start with a good base, and don’t be afraid to step a little outside your comfort zone. Trust us, you won’t be the zaniest person there by a long shot. Secondly, accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! ‘Cause to be quite honest, it’s the accessories that set people apart at events like these. Sure, find a great hat- but don’t stop there. 

packwood grand calgary
Photo via Packwood Grand

Last and most importantly, confidence is everything, people! We can’t stress this enough. Fashion has become so democratic in the past few years that you can wear pretty much anything and rationalize it- as long as you own it. That’s truly the secret here- gone are the days of the ‘standard’ outfit, and we love it.

Celebrating the end of the sweatpants-7-days-a-week-era by getting dressed to the nines with your best pals doesn’t sound too shabby to us! 

So if this sounds like something that you would like to attend, you can register at their website here and request an invitation. As we said, you probably won’t want to miss out and only limited tickets are available. So get yours while you still can, and we’ll see you there! 


When: Saturday, August 7th, 2021 
Where: 260 Century Downs Drive, Rocky View County, AB