If there’s one thing actor (and self-proclaimed trouble-maker) Owen Wilson is known for in Metro Vancouver, it’s popping up unexpectedly – and maybe even tossing a “Kachow” your way while riding his miniature bike.

With a long list of starring roles from The Wedding Crashers to The Royal Tenenbaums to the Cars franchise, Wilson is no stranger to filming a movie or TV series.

And while production is still keeping things largely under wraps, Wilson is in Metro Vancouver filming a new 10-episode ‘golf comedy’ for Apple TV+ – which means regular visits to local restaurants!

On Monday, July 8th, Mexican restaurant Maizal hosted Wilson, sharing a photo on Instagram: “A pleasure to have Owen Wilson today at Maizal,” reads the caption. “Big fans!”

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In case you’re looking for a new spot to try, Maizal is known for its delicious street food inspired by the ingredients and flavours of Mexico City. Its menu is full of tacos, carnitas, and chilaquiles.

It’s far from the first time the actor has been spotted out and about in the city, as Wilson attended a BC Lions game last month, and even earlier, a Canucks game during the playoffs.

So there you have it, Vancouver! Stay tuned for more info about what the actor is up to in our beautiful city.