The massive HR firm ADP Canada has released a new report on the future of remote work, and it looks like things are shaking up a little bit. More Canadians, and particularly younger ones, are now saying that they would prefer the ability to work remotely. Here’s a little more info.

Some 45% of the respondents said that they preferred to work 3 days a week remotely. And for those aged 18-34, that percentage is hovering around 61%. This translates to more than a quarter of Canadians thinking that the workplace will offer more options in the next five years.

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As for actually returning to work, the feelings are scattered. Of those that have yet to return, things are spread pretty much equally between excitement, anxiety, and simply not wanting to return at all. The biggest reason for the negative emotions? A preference to work from home.

So as more and more Canadians return to work, we’re going to definitely see some mixed emotions and reactions about the shift. If you’d like to read the report on the future of remote work in full, just click here!