You may be able to shave off a few bucks on your heating bills in Ontario this winter. The Canadian winter weather forecast is out and it looks like we’re in for a snow-less season.

According to AccuWeather’s 2022/2023 Canada winter forecast, the majority of eastern Canada may experience mild temperatures as the typically cold season rolls around.

You can thank several factors for this: the orientation of the jet stream and the climatological phenomenon known as La Niña. That means that some areas will be hit hard while others, not so much.

Senior Meteorologist Brett Anderson, shared that La Niña will play a key role in the overall weather pattern this coming winter.

But what does that look like for Ontario?

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“Due to the orientation of the jet stream, the coldest air will stay well to the northwest of some of the country’s most populated and visited cities, like Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa,” states Anderson.

That means we could save a few dollars on our heating bills and see less to no snow on the ground this winter. But don’t cancel that ski trip yet.

More snow days than normal are predicted for the upper Great Lakes, according to AccuWeather, and “near- to above-normal” snow for ski country in eastern Canada.

“Away from the mountains, some of Canada’s biggest cities can expect less snow than average.” So for Toronto, don’t expect to see much of that fluffy white stuff – less snowfall is likely.

So maybe you won’t have to take those winter boots out of hiding after all!