You can do a whole lot more than borrow books with your Toronto library card. You can also borrow an Ontario Parks Pass, granting you and your crew free day-use access to over 100 provincial parks.

The borrowable vehicle permit provides you and all of the occupants in your vehicle with free entry into Ontario’s provincial parks. All you need is your TPL card — if you don’t have one yet, it’s free to get as long as you’re a Toronto resident.

Here’s how it works: with a valid library card, you can place a hold on an Ontario Parks Pass, the same way you would a library book.

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You can check out the pass for up to one week at a time, meaning free provincial park access all week long. The perfect excuse to finally use those vacation days you’ve been saving!

Once you reserve your hold, you may want to start planning your adventure in advance. A canoe trip in Algonquin, a beach day at Sandbanks, a scenic hike at Petroglyphs? The options are endless.

And if you want to hit as many as possible while you can, you can check out the Ontario Parks locator to map out the ones nearest you.

Plus, you’ll want to mark Friday, July 15 in your calendar, when all of Ontario’s parks will be free to visit for the day for everyone.

Time to dig out that library card and put it to use this summer, you won’t regret it.