Your next springtime adventure is here and it’s a sight for sore eyes. Chutes Provincial Park, the land of cascading waterfalls and beautiful scenery is opening for the season very soon and here’s what to know.

Chutes Provincial Park officially opens for the season on May 17th, 2024. And although it’s a few days away, we’re here to get you excited for it.

According to Ontario Parks, it offers amazing views, a rich history, and even a full-service campground, but what makes it standout is that it is home to a ton of waterfalls.

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In fact, there are “waterfalls everywhere” at Chutes Provincial Park, according to the Parks Blog.

“If Chutes has a signature sight, it’s waterfalls,” they share

For a stunning view, head along one of the many trails, especially the Falls Lookout which is a wide platform right at the lip of the main falls.

“Even in summer when the river’s flow is much less than in spring, the power of water shows its strength, cascading right in front of you,” shares Ontario Parks.

And if you follow the Twin Bridges Trail upstream along the Aux Sables, you’ll be treated to views of rapids, cascades, and waterfalls.

Follow the Twin Bridges Trail to several viewpoints and lookouts where you can soak up the sights and sounds of nature.

And once it gets warmer, enjoy the park’s sandy beach tucked in a bend in the river below the falls. Here’s where you’ll also find the Day-Use area.

Though it’s a bit of a drive away from Toronto, this little gem is totally worth it.

Chutes Provincial Park

When: Opens for the season on May 17th, 2024
Where: 650 Imperial Street North, Massey