As we continue on the road to recovery, it looks like even more restrictions are set to lift in Ontario. The latest is the reported lift of travel restrictions between Ontario and Quebec. Both provinces have announced that these regulations will lift at 12:01 AM this Wednesday.

The travel restrictions have been in place between the provinces since the beginning of the “emergency brake” lockdown back in April. Since then there have been staffed checkpoints at provincial crossings, and tickets and fines issued to those caught travelling for non-essential purposes.

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So, what does the lift mean? It means if you’ve got a cottage or vacation home in French Canada, now’s the time to start planning your visit to it. Along with the travel restriction lift, Quebec will also no longer require returning residents from Ontario to self-isolate for 14-days. This comes as the French-Canadians enter yellow zone reopening rules and as we continue in Stage 1 reopening.

Along with travel to Quebec, Ontarians will also be able to pay a little visit to our friends in Manitoba beginning this Wednesday as well. The travel restrictions to our western neighbours will be lifted at the same time.

There ya have it, folks! Every day we’re getting closer and closer to normalcy. Don’t forget, keep wearing that mask, washing those hands, and booking your COVID-19 vaccines.

Stay healthy, everyone!