Despite the fact that Calgary has a thriving vegan community, plant-based fast food joints aren’t actually as common as you may think. For this reason, restaurants like Odd Burger, a brand new spot expected to open in Calgary in the coming months, are welcome with open arms and unhinged jaws.

Serving Big Mac-like double-decker sandwiches, fries, shakes, whoopie pies, sundaes, wraps, and more, OB is actually credited for being one of the world’s very first publically traded meatless, dairyless 24-hour quick-stop restaurants. Pretty wicked, no? Well, it gets even better!

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With locations in Toronto, London, Windsor, and Vaughan, this will actually be their very first in Western Canada, however, they don’t actually don’t have an address yet.

The site selection is still in progress, but when it opens Calgarians are sure to be in for a delicious time – after all, how often do you feel a sense of disappointment after sinking your teeth into a bun, patty, and some sauce? It’s rare!

As always, we will keep you guys updated as more information is released so keep checking back! You won’t want to miss their big grand opening!


When: December TBA
Where: TBA
Instagram: @oddburgerfastfood