It’s no surprise that feeling a little lonely or disconnected while in Vancouver is a common problem. Plus, after months of various levels of quarantine, this may be even more apparent, but it’s not something new. In fact, a 2017 Vancouver Foundation survey of Metro Vancouverites found that nearly half of us struggle to make friends, while nearly a quarter of us find ourselves alone more often than we would like. 

How do we solve this? Well, that’s easier said than done. But the Vancouver Foundation has put in place a way to encourage connection and a sense of community through its BC-wide community platform called On the Table. 

As fall inches closer and closer, we all understand that staying safe during the pandemic has become a necessary reality. Although that means less normal interaction, On the Table is arriving just in time in order to ensure community engagement and conversation keeps moving forward. 


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On the Table is a platform designed to encourage and support people to connect with those around them in meaningful conversation. Whether it be friends, family, co-workers, neighbours, or just about anyone else, On the Table will provide all the resources and information necessary to make purposeful and safe gatherings happen. 

Our new normal is something completely different, but a lot of it can be pretty exciting. Switch up the boardroom for a park, a romantic dinner for a picnic, and take full advantage of the city’s patios while the weather is still great. Speaking of patios, On the Table has also partnered with Gastown Business Improvement and its Patiotown campaign to encourage people to reconnect at patios all September long. Support local business, connect with the people you want to, all while supporting small business AND enjoying a patio? Sounds like a lot of wins to us. 

If you weren’t already convinced to check out On the Table, here is another incentive. The Vancouver Foundation is providing grants of up to $100 to help cover costs associated with their events. Yep, all you have to do is register as a host online, then On the Table will help with invitation design, guest management, and more. 

Times are very, very different, but we can’t let these unprecedented circumstances take away the ability to safely gather and have meaningful conversations. We have a lot to talk about – so let’s put it on the table in Gastown. Bon appetit!