Everyone has a funny work story, but if you think yours are exceptionally whacky, you can appear on a TV show called On The Job. This casting call is looking for Canadians with “wild and funny” work stories to share in front of the camera.

Producers of True Dating Stories on CBC Gem are looking for real people from all over Canada and the U.S. to share hilarious stories about the situations they’ve been in at work.

The workplaces you can share stories about include “office jobs, hotels, restaurants and bars, construction and trades, schools, retail, mail carriers, sports instructors and any other job you can think of,” according to the casting call.

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“Did the police show up?  Did someone end up in the emergency room?  Was there an encounter with a celebrity? No matter how wild the story, we want to hear it!”

One thing they are not looking for, though, is actors sharing stories about filming on set.

You can submit your application online, and if you’re picked, you will be paid $700 for one day of filming.

In the application, you’ll have to include a video of yourself sharing your wildest work experience.

Be sure to use your story-telling chops because it’s the one shot that you have to let producers know that your story is good enough for TV!

If you have the perfect story to tell, you can submit your application for the On The Job casting here.

Break a leg! And if you end up making it to the big screen, let us know so we can tune in.