Those looking to take a leisurely skate on one of Alberta’s frozen lakes this winter best keep their eyes wide and their surroundings noted, because, no thanks to a chilling malfunction at Calgary’s Olympic Oval, Canada’s top speed skaters have been forced to train on rougher terrain.

Since the Oval’s technical difficulty in early September, these supersonic athletes have travelled all over the country in search of a rink to compare.

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From Fort St. John to B.C., pros like Tyson Langelaar, Ted-Jan Bloemen, and Calgary’s Connor Howe have seen almost every frozen surface coast to coast. Most recently, though, their skates have led them to a few local spots including Ghost Lake and Gap Lake, both of which are only a short drive from YYC’s city limits. It’s been a pretty wicked thing to see over the last few days, especially for those who have taken a little trip to see these guys up close and personal.

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From advice to invitations to glide alongside them, these speed skaters have interacted with onlookers with little to no experience, as well as those who felt confident enough to challenge them to a race.

Now there’s no guarantee you’ll see them next time you’re in the area, but it might be worth checking out folks! This really is a once in a lifetime kind of thing!