Calling all local history buffs. The oldest bar in BC is situated in Victoria and dates all the way back to 1855. So if you’re looking to share a beer and a story surrounded by over a century and a half of history, look no further than Six Mile Pub & Eatery.

The pub’s history

In 1855, Bill Parsons bought 40 acres of land from the Hudson Bay Company and built the Parsons Bridge Hotel, which would later become Six Mile House, AKA the oldest pub in the province still operating today.

Before Six Mile House reopened post-prohibition in 1924, there was a major “fixing-up,” according to its website. The interior and exterior were revamped, down to a red carpet added to the “ladies” side of the pub.

As per the strict liquor laws of the times, the pub only served beer – and bar patrons were required to sit while drinking.

On the other hand – business boomed at this time as Six Mile’s neighbouring municipalities were still considered ‘dry.’ So everyone flocked to the pub for a brew!

During the First World War, beer was rationed and waiters were akin to kings – paying for the beer at the bar and then selling it to the tables with the best tippers.

Despite changing ownership six times before 1950 alone, Six Mile persevered as a go-to ‘neighbourhood pub.’

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oldest bar in bc six mile house
Six Mile House at Parson’s Bridge via Royal BC Museum Archives

Menu offerings

Flash forward to 2002, and the pub was purchased by its current owners, who have restored the bar to its former glory and elevated its menu with made-to-order artisanal pastas, shareable bites, and sustainably-sourced seafood.

Its Riverside Organic Culinary Garden provides most of the fresh herbs and veggies used in the kitchen, which are otherwise sourced from organic local producers.

Guests have the option of grabbing lunch or dinner along with their brews, or stopping in for weekend brunch.

So there you have it, history buffs! A visit to the oldest bar in BC is definitely worth adding to your summer bucket list.

Six Mile Pub & Eatery

Where: 494 Island Highway, Victoria