Here’s a fun fact Vancouver- did you know that the Old Spaghetti Factory has been kicking around since 1970? And, that it’s the first location in Canada? Well, now you do. And more importantly, we’re about to tell you how they’re going to celebrate their 50th birthday.

On March 3, the Old Spaghetti Factory will be rolling back their prices to the original 1970 figures. That means all of the all-inclusive spaghetti entrees are going to be between $1.75-$1.95. For reference, those same dishes are $12.50-$16.50. It’s a massive discount.

What’s more, all the proceeds on March 3 are going towards the B.C. Professional Firefighters Burn Fund, a local organization dedicated to improving the care of burn victims. Not exactly as fun as talking about spaghetti, but without a doubt way more important. We think you should maybe donate a couple of the bucks you saved off your meal, but no pressure.

We suggest you head down early if you’re trying to get in on this. The last time it happened in 2010, diners were lined up around the block.

Old Spaghetti Factory Birthday

When: March 3, 2020
Where: 53 Water Street